Sector Strategies:

The Bluegrass Workforce Innovation Board Strategic Plan has identified four sectors. Learn more about the areas and how the Bluegrass Workforce Innovation Board is working within those sectors to promote job growth in the Bluegrass Region. The four sectors identified are:

Kentucky's Target Industry Sectors - a PDF document released by the Kentucky Workforce Cabinet that identifies theTarget Sectors by area for the state of Kentucky.

In June 2011, the Office of Employment and Training held Sector Strategies Institute entitled: “Sector Strategies – A Path to a Better Future.” This institute allowed the Bluegrass Workforce Investment Board to bring together teams of local colleagues from the workforce investment system, economic development, private business, and educational communities. The Bluegrass Workforce Investment Board team included the following leaders and decision-makers:

Strategic Planning

  • Local Workforce Investment Board Chair
  • Community college system representatives
  • K-12 education system representatives
  • One-Stop Career Center representatives
  • Local Workforce Investment Board Director
  • Economic development representatives
  • Business advocates in the region
  • Four-year college/university representatives
  • Regional representatives of the state workforce investment system

The team was provided with multiple viewpoints of historical and projected industry performance that project partner Economics Modeling Specialists, Inc gathered, developed, or calculated metrics, describing the following industry characteristics:

  • Historical Growth
  • Industry Concentration (Location Quotient)
  • Industry Competitive Effects (Shifts Share Analysis)
  • Job Multiplier Effects
  • Industry Average Wage
  • Future Growth Projection
  • Export Orientation
  • Earning Multiplier Effects
  • Excess Demand
  • Workforce Compatibility

Each characteristic provides a different perspective of industry performance, regional fit, or economic ripple effects for 1079 six-digit industry codes, as classified by North American Industry Classification System category.

After reviewing this information, the team discussed local perception and identified the following as target sectors: